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Mandira Tepesi


To create media design for products that demands exceptional skills, good based experience, self-motivation and adaptablility.
Media Design zu entwerfen, das die Liebe zum Produkt verlangt, eine fundierte Erfahrung voraussetzt und ein Höchstmaß von Kenntnissen der modernen Web-Techniken erfordert.

Computer Skills


  • Windows XP, Windows 98


  • Dreamweaver MX, Symantec Visual Page

Design Software

  • Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and Adobe Illustrator 10, Corel Draw 9, Ulead Impact, Macromedia Flash, Freehand 8, Gif and Jpeg tools, 3D-Text tools, Microsoft Office,


  • HTML 4, DHTML, cgi scripting, submitting

Design experience

self-employed since 1971

  • Self educated in Graphic Design, but also got the approval from the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf for Gebrauchsgrafik
  • 14 years of work with the Foreign Ministery in Germany (Inter Nationes) for Audio Visual Medias, (language books, tapes and photographs),
  • Recording and producing more than 50 LP's for jazz groups
  • Establishing own studio for industrial photography and litho technics
  • Experience with all kinds of print media and type setting
  • Specialized in manuals for industrial products
  • Since 1993 settled down in Bodrum-Turkey developing media design for various companies in Istanbul and Bodrum.
  • Filming and producing the *Bodrum-Video*
  • From 1994 on using the Computer as a new tool and a new challenge
  • 1998 depeloping the first webpage of Bodrum, since then more then 5 million pageviews were counted
  • Speciality: preparing the meta-tags for best search enginge rankings (like Google)


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