The Web has quickly become an invaluable business tool.
Using the Web gives you access to vast amounts of information and resources, and if you have a Web Site of your own others can discover you. Everyday more people do business on the Internet, and everyday more businesses find new ways of using the Internet to improve their business practices.
The Internet is an incredible opportunity for advertisers today.

If you are a business looking to establish or expand your interactive presence, contact us for a friendly discussion of your needs, we would love to talk.

We hope you'll join us,
Karlheinz Klüter
director of AVM websolutions


Some very practical reasons why Websolutions can help your business:

Target Marketing:

· 55% of Web users are between the ages of 30 to 54, well educated and in a high income bracket
· the audience for your site is self filtering through the use of search engines such as Excite and Yahoo and many others!
Search engine registration is the most effective way to increase traffic to your web page. The registration of your URL allows you to promote your web page, in a low cost manner, where millions of people will have an opportunity to see it.
We will submit your web page to over 400 search engines and directories- This will give you the best start in promoting and marketing your web site on the internet and should always be an important part of any marketing strategy.
Each company or person will receive an email report of all the search engines
and Internet directories successfully submitted to.


· you can provide a large amount of information to a large audience for relatively low cost
· cost effective and in-depth - compare the investment in a Web Site with print advertising, the Yellow Pages or a printed catalogue
· wide reach for businesses that appeal to broad markets, yet still economical for a small company in a regional market


· Web Sites are fast, inexpensive and easy to update
· can be used for a wide variety of functions, all accessible from a central start page


· 24 hour service - your business hours may be 9 to 5, but your client's often have questions outside of those hours, especially those in a different time zone

Sales and Marketing:

· sales can be made directly through the website, or the site can be used to gather information from visitors to contact later in person
· much more detail about your product or service can be provided than with traditional print advertising
· gather feedback from clients such as names, addresses, phone numbers, opinions and more
· expand on printed marketing materials with greater depth of information and detail

Customer Service:

· answer frequently asked questions - for all those simple questions that you hear again and again
· provide your news releases and announcements online
· value added information - you're an expert in your field and you can use that expertise to hook potential clients with advise and information that they need

Internal Business Applications:

· provide employee information online rather than with expensive printed documentation - and changes to this documentation online will save the cost of a new print run
· give geographically dispersed employees direct access to your system
· provide important new information to your sales force easily and immediately
· internal communications can be posted on a web page, as well as e-mailed to your entire staff faster, cheaper and easier than printed memos

What we will offer to you:

· If you are a business looking to establish or expand your interactive presence, in friendly discussion we will find out your needs.
· beside the above given subject, we can offer more. We are specialised in good translations into German and English. And technical products we do understand perfectly well.
See you soon