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Take your holidays back home

Bodrum Video

You'd like to take something home from here, something special to remember these beautiful days later at home with friends - so why not taking your holidays back home?

That was the first idea of this video, but now we say; watch your holidays before you go there!
Anyhow - only a fortnight staying in Bodrum or one of the other nice places on the peninsula doesn't give you enough time to enjoy everything of the many events here - as a matter of fact you've come down here first of all for the sun. But since a few days, there's a solution to this problem, a video produced by the professionel German cameraman Karlheinz Klüter, who lives now in Bodrum. He packed such a variety into this 45 minutes, that even towns tourism experts were surprised.

The video begins with the history of the town, once called Halikarnassus with an extensive walk through the castle, then the Mausoleum and the amphi-theatre, explains Atatürk and continues with a journey all around the Bodrum peninsula, Gümüþlük with its fishrestaurants and pipemaking. You see the market and the small alley-ways. Then you visit the most beautiful beaches, the shipyards for wooden boats, you enjoy the Blue Cruise and watch the Bodrum Cup race. You're with the cotton picking, the carpet weaving and the camel-fight, which is only held in winter time. An evening walk through the night life of Bodrum with a visit at Halikarnass-disco and a brilliant belly dance completes this marvellous video.

You should immediately order the video by our mail-form. Just mark Yes or No in the form and we will confirm and giving you the shipping details. Two versions are available at the moment: German and English. If not refered otherwise, you will get the English version, it's PAL


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