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  The new airport Milas-Bodrum. The new airport Milas-Bodrum, is fully connected to the international network of air routes. The new building for the international arrivals is a modern check-in and check-out hall, that gives the new visitor to Bodrum a good impression. Details on the airport page. But now the airport is only 35 km from Bodrum. By means of a good coastal road Bodrum can be reached in a half hour.
Holiday visitors to Turkey from the UK have a choice of airports. Regular flights to Bodrum leave the UK everyday but there are also frequent flights to Dalaman, Antalaya and Izmir.
For visitors to resorts on the East coast like Kusadasi, Izmir will be the best choice, but Bodrum is more convenient for travellers to the south coast areas like Bitez Bay, Yalikavak Bay and the Bozburun peninsula.

Thus the Bodrum tourist saves at least three hours travelling time, because in former times the closest airports were Izmir or Dalaman. Arrival or takeoff of the places mentioned needed always an additional three hours of bus travel.

Bodrum-Milas Airport
Phone: (252) 5366595 (4 lines)
Fax: (252) 5366566
Transportation (City centre-Airport): Taxi (11.000.000.TL), (June 99)
Turkish Airlines service bus (800.000.TL)

Neyzen Tevfik Caddesi No: 208
Phone: (252) 3133172 (Sales & Reservation)
Fax: (252) 3133174

Good informations also on a
page by Rich Coughlan

Ferry Venice - Izmir
  Ferry Venice - Izmir
the authors of these pages have tried all versions of travelling to Bodrum and had at the end to determine: the most comfortable, fastest and most inexpensive way, is with the ferry boat starting from Venice. The Turkish Maritime Lines maintains an agency in Germany and Switzerland by the name RECA .

The line from Venice operates weekly. You embark mostly Saturday in the evening and arrive on Tuesday noontime in Izmir

RECA D-71o63 Sindelfingen
Tel: (+49) 07031 811961
Fax: (+49) 07031 815077
Switzerland: Zürich RECA
Tel: (+45) (01) 361 00 65
Fax: (+45) (01) 361 06 44
Headquarter Istanbul (Reservation)
Tel: (+90) (0212) 249 92 22

Tel: (+90) (0212) 293 74 54

Ferries from other Italian harbours
There are also many car ferries starting from Italian harbours llike the ports of Ancona, Bari or Brindisi, going to Cesme (close Izmir) or to Marmaris. They are mainly Greek ferry boats. Information you will get probably the best at your local travel agency. Such a journey can however only recommended, if one plans an Italy excursion anyway?

    By car to Bodrum
For those who like the adventure, try to drive by car the whole distance to Bodrum. From Munich to the Turkish border of Edirne there is about 1700 km to go. To Bodrum there is then again approx. 700 km. Our experiences with driving through the countries of Bulgaria and Romania are such, that we advise against it. Also the former Yugoslavia can give problems. Detailed information before hand regarding Transit Visas is a must.

On our German pages we give information telling what kind of papers you need for Turkey. Here, these English pages will address of course a lot of different nationalities, so we can not give detailed information about formalities. Generally speaking there are no problems, just that most of the foreign tavellers have to apply for a visa. So please - avail yourself of relevent information before hand. Visa requirements

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