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Daily tours starting from Bodrum to all points of interest

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The Menderes valley
The valley of the Menderes River, known to the West as the Meander, has been the cradle of civilizations. Set amidst pines, olives and oleander is the magnificent Bafa Lake. It is a lovely, peaceful place to stay whether in a guest house or camping. To the east of the lake rise the five peaks of the Besparmak Mountains. The ruins of the ancient city of Heraklia are close to the lake while the ruins of Alinda are to be found on the eastern slopes of the Besparmak Mountains. The valley has witnessed the rise and fall of several great historical cities, notably Priene, Miletos, Didyma, Aphrodisias, and Hierapolis.


Thermal bath and swim over ruins


  Pamukkale, this is a beautiful and spectacular natural site, unique in the world with its fairy-like, dazzling white, petrified cascade. It is a must-see during a holiday in Turkey. ... more here
Named "Pamukkale" in Turkish, meaning "cotton castle", it was named after the white calcareous castles are formed by limestone-laden thermal springs. At a temperature of 35C the spring's waters are rich in calcium which have a positive effect on people's problems with blood circulation, nerve system, heart, rheumatism and skin diseases. The thermal waters have been used since Roman times for their therapeutic powers. Situated on the plateau are both the thermal centre with its motels and thermal pools and the ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis.

Here you should not miss the chance for a swim over the ancient remains in one of the thermal bathes.

The history of this city goes back a long way but the important part of the city was built in the 1st century BC. Some of the richest art finds have come from the excavations of this city which was dedicated to Aphrodite, the goddess of love and fertility. The buildings are handsomely adorned with marble that was carved with skill, producing remarkable temples, monuments, a theatre and baths. Their reputation for the exquisite finesse of their statuary and marble craftsmanship soon spread to other parts of the then known world. It thus became the centre of the greatest sculpturing school of antiquity. A highlight of any visit are the marvellous sculptures now housed in the museum.
... more here


Celsus library


  Ephesus, an antique jewel
The most well-known and most interesting destination however might be Ephesus. A highlight of any visit to Turkey. This antique city gives you the best idea of an earlier towns structure. Buildings like the famous Celsus library, the Hadrian arc, the harbour allee and the Amphi theatre will leave you with an unforgettable impression.

A harbor founded 5000 years ago in an unknown loop of the Kucuk Menderes River... And the temple of Artemis Ephesia, one of the Seven Wonders of the World and the city under her protection... Excavations by archeologists from several countries have been carried out over 125 years in Ephesus, a city which continues to attract visitors from every corner of the world even after thousands of years. Ephesus is on the itinerary of almost every tourist visiting Turkey.

These site about 160 km North of Bodrum can be reached in approximately two and a half hours by bus. Excavated carefully by Austrian archaeologists the ruins of Ephesus offer an overwhelming sight and cause by this a revitalization of this former blossoming metropolis. Because of its fantastic coastal position and owing to financial preference of many rulers through several culture epochs , Ephesus was the most important city of Minor Asia. The Greeks founded Ephesus already in the 11. Jh. v. Chr. and very soon it became the center of culture, trade and power. Many historians refer to Ephesus as the starting point of western civilization and occidental thinking.
After the fall of the Roman empire the progressive silting was no more stopped. Settling shifted into the neighbouring city Selcuk and today Ephesus is about 5 km far away from the sea.

Various daily tours - fishing trips - Bus tours to Ephesus and Pamukkale
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Just on the side of the highway behind Milas one of the best kept temples of Minor Asia is rising up his 16 columns still into the sky. Only 1969 the international archaeology learned about this place.One assumes that Euromos, like Labranda, in the antiquity was connected with Mylasa, today's Milas.

Market in Milas

Iassos and the market in Milas
The remains of the antique Roman city Iassos you can visit just on the other side of the Gulf of Guelluek, the fish market here only recently excavated, very often was mentioned in ancient history. ... more here

And you should visit a typical Turkish weekly market. Milas is only 50 km or in other words 40 minutes away from Bodrum. This is one of the biggest and cheapest markets in this region.

Rocktombs in Kaunos

  Dalyan and Caunos
By the side of the river Dalyan the fishing village Dalyan and next to it Caunos with its rock tombs attracts many tourists. This area is also a nature and wildlife preserve.

High on the cliffs above Caunos you can see the unique and magnificently carved Lycian rock tombs. This funeral culture unique in history, was done only by the Lycians. It dates back to 400 B.C and some of them were re-used by the Romans were again-used.

Declared a National Treasure, Dalyan has everything - an outstanding beach, abundant wildlife, strong local traditions and the majestic remains of an ancient city. Boat is the best way to reach its many attractions, including the therapeutic mud baths and the dramatically situated ruins of ancient Caunos, which boast some of the most impressively fortified walls still standing in western Turkey, along with a well-preserved Greek-style theatre, Roman baths and a Byzantine basilica. The Mud Baths not only cleanse and tone the skin but are said to have anti-ageing properties.

Priene - Didyma - Milet


  Visit all three , close enough together and near to Bodrum to visit all in one day.

Priene was one of the most active ports of the Ionian Federation. Making the site of particular interest is the system of geometric planning introduced in the 4th century BC by Hippodamos of Miletos. Priene lies in a spectacular setting, perched on a cliff above the Meander River ... more here

Medusa in Didima

Didyma only posseses a single monument, but it is nevertheless a marvellous site. The Temple of Apollo was one of the most sacred places of antiquity. Many times looted and burned, the sanctuary is still impressive and of an elegant beauty. The colossal temple was surrounded by a portico of double colonnades. Not far from the site is the beautiful beach of Altinkum.



Miletos, like Priene, was a great Ionian port and the native city of several philosophers and sages. The theatre itself justifies a visit. The ruins of the Faustina baths are well preserved and there is an archaeological museum.
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in a village

  Village tours
Only a few kilometers out of from Bodrum you discover the second face of Turkey. Tranquil life and typical. Turkey pure and a hospitality you will find nowhere else. Watch carpet making the way it is being done many many years ago.

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